Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. provides own clients

  • Technical, Investment and Feasibility Studies
  • Plan, Preliminary and Permit Design
  • Designs for supplier tenders, realisation designs, designs for changing a building permit, and final design for getting final approvals

For the EIA process we are ready to prepare studies, reports, traffic infrastructure research and other documentations.

In this area, it is mainly about designing and copyright supervision for:

  • Traffic infrastructure
  • Surface constructions
  • Underground constructions
  • Water works
  • Geotechnics

BIM - Building Information Modeling is our appropriate tool and provides our clients with cooperation of many
professionals that makes our designs and work of the highest quality

Construction Supervising

We provide our clients with supervising including five basic quality characteristics: reliability, competence, respectability, impartiality and correctness.

Our services are fully professional and divided into following topics:

  • Guidance providing through public procurement and financing
  • Mediation of partnership between investor and contractor
  • Approval of subcontractors and mediation of contracts
  • Project management
  • Quality management, time schedule and financial plan evaluation

We provide our clients with supervising, expertise supervising and geotechnical supervising for:

  • Surface constructions
  • Highways, bridges and railways sections
  • Tunnels and other underground constructions, geotechnical constructions
  • Water work
  • Industrial constructions


We provide our clients with complete care during the process of the investment from the very beginning of preparing and
planning the investment. We are open to defining the risks milestones alternatives for a different approach. In the following, we
provide you with engineering services for the stage of the approval process and designs with the final goal of getting a final inspection permit for
your building.

Our services include

  • Excluding of the Agricultural fund of Slovakia
  • Enviromental Impact Analysis
  • Demolation permit
  • Announcement agenda for small constructions
  • Territorial statement
  • Building permission
  • Proceeding of additional building permission
  • Representation of Special building authorities
  • All agreements for contract text wordings
  • Other permissions for building process f.e. digger permission
  • Final building permit

Property rights settlement

Property rights settlement reflect needs of building process and it is very closely connected to engineering activities. It includes:

  • Identification of property rights, evaluation of property relationships, negotiation with property holders and owners
  • Furnishing with all kinds of agreements, including future agreements and expropriation permits
  • Plat map processing for temporary and permanent excluding of the agricultural land and easement for infrastructure
  • Furnishing with Experts testimonies for temporary and permanent excluding of the agricultural land and easement for infrastructure
  • Furnishing with permits for excluding from agriculture and forest fund
  • Processing property relations into the Land Register at the deputy office
  • Processing expropriation permits into the Land Register for technical infrastructure landing

Property rights settlement consists of:

  • Negotiation with preowners
  • Agreements closing future agreements, property agreements, tenant agreements, easement rights, maintenance contracts
  • Dealing with Land Register all processes needed for property rights recording
  • Processing all steps of the property rights settlement to recording new property rights
  • Representation of Client in the expropriation procedure and following appeal procedures
  • Other related activities

Geodetics work

Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. provides geodetic activities, including engineering, even for Land register. There are provided following activities:

  • Planimetric and elevation orientation (roads, bridges, highways, railways a nd other buildings)
  • Layout of underground infrastructure
  • Post implementation modification of surface and underground infrastructure
  • Setting out of buildings
  • Creation of large scale special purpose maps for design processing
  • Creating and determining points of detailed position and altitude point fields
  • Geometric surveying and actual documentation of buildings condition

For Land register purposes we process:

  • Plat maps
  • Plot layout
  • Property rights settlement

Forensic Expert and Expertise activities

Forensic Expert activity is a specialized professional activity carried out under the conditions established in Act No. 382/ Z. z. on forensic experts, interpreters, and translators, as an expert for for the contracting authority. The acts of forensic activity are, in particular, forensic expert opinion and its supplement, expert opinion or confirmation, and expert statement and explanation.

Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. offers you the development of forensic expertise in the field of construction, a branch of geotechnics.

We provide expertise and consulting services for all buildings including geotechnical monitoring and evaluation. We are experts in preparing standards technical regulations and terms Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s. r. o. promotes training including fireman training in tunnels. There is a private Research mine in Hagerbach fully equipped for such special procedures.

Our experts are traditionally active lecturers at conferences and workshops as well in Slovakia or internationally. Through our membership in many professional societies we comment on actual topics in building and structure sphere.

To prove our engineering skills we were first in Slovakia, cooperating with our Amber Group, who prepared safety and risk analysis of tunnel Included in the analysis were air flow simulation and measurement in Tunnel Branisko, Slovakia. There was the Railway Tunnel Bujanovsky where was provided diagnostic research by scan equipment. We were glad in following to provide National Highway Company with TunnelMapTM licences were approved for graphic scan of tunnel structures.